Portable Fire To Electricity Stove

If You Love Camping or Hiking You'll love this new portable wood burning stove that turns fire into electricity in an instant! It's the perfect piece of survival equipment to have handy when you are out in the wilderness. 

It's an ultra-compact lightweight foldable pocket wood stove that not only helps you cook, boil water, keep warm during any outdoors adventure, but it can also magically turn fire into electricity to charge your phone and other USB devices for emergencies. 

The idea of this camping stove is pretty simple. It uses twigs, pine cones, or other biomass fuel to build a fire. Safer and more environmentally friendly. Can also be used with solid fuel. Once the fire is burning, two thermoelectric generators inside the camping stove convert the heat into electricity!  Here is how it works!

                      Easy to set up and operate

1. simply unfold the pot stand by opening both panels.



2. Pull out the blue control module, and lock in place, add twigs or pine cones and build your fire.   


3. Pressing the control operates the dual fans pumping in more fresh air which helps the fire burn cleaner and hotter.


4. To charge your USB devices simply plug into the USB port.

5. The camping stove comes equipped with a 2500mah rechargeable lithium batter. It can be used as a Powerbank to charge your devices even without a fire, and can use thermal energy to recharge itself. 

Powerful & High-efficiency:

Stove has an extremely high combustion efficiency with a 99% reduction in smoke generation. At the same time, the twin jets give Stove an amazing amount of firepower, allowing it to boil up to 1 liter of water in about 4 minutes.



  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Thermal electric generator & Powerbank
  • Quick disassembly (no tools required)
  • Rotatable pot stand
  • Multiple functions: Cooking, Grilling, Boiling
  • Use Biomass fuel such as twigs, no need to carry fuel
  • Easy to use, only three steps to set up 
  • Ultra light weigh
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