SoCovered Lasting Makeup Concealer

Don’t Worry About the Reveal.. Just Conceal!

Do you have a skin condition that makes you want to wear a bag on your head? Introducing SoCovered our all day long lasting concealer.. It’s ok you can recycle your paper hat now my friend.

No more feeling self conscious about any pimples, blackheads, pock marks, scars, or other skin conditions.. put on some of our concealer and know that you are looking your best all day long!

Don’t feel your best, just conceal the rest! Nothing beats a bad like putting on a snazzy outfit, putting on your concealer and looking your best.. shake that dust off girl and get out there!

SoCovered makes a perfect gift for that trendy fashionista in your life.. or anyone that likes to look good! Give the gift of beauty, self confidence and good times.. your friends will adore you for it!

So if you’re looking for a lasting makeup concealer, or you’re just looking for a perfect holiday gift idea, grab SoCovered and never feel self conscious again.. look fabulous all day long, guaranteed!


Conceal Blemishes & Imperfections - have some pimples, blackheads, pock marks or other skin conditions? That’s ok! Don’t fret about revealing yourself, just conceal yourself with SoCovered!

Never Feel Self Conscious Again - not feeling confident enough to go outside today? Nonsense! Grab our all day concealer and know that you will look on point all day long.

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea - this all day concealer makes for an amazing gift for anyone that likes to look good. help your friends stay classy all day long with this long lasting concealer!

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