Vixxen Eyes 4-Tip Eyebrow Pen

Achieve the perfect eyebrow look with VixxenEyes

The perfect eyebrow look can be achieved easily with Eyemin. Using the four-tipped pen you can bring the perfect volume and length to your eyebrows when you're on the go.

The formula in the pen is long-lasting and easy to remove. Nothing can smudge or fade the liquid. Keeping Your look intact for the entire day.

Super easy to apply and blends in well on all skin types. No matter your natural color it blends perfectly without looking too out of place.

Anyone can use VixxenEyes to create natural-looking eyebrows for themselves. This pen draws the defined eyebrow look you’ve always wanted.

Key benefits

Long-lasting - The liquid is waterproof and doesn’t smudge. keeping your look intact for the whole day.

Perfect look - The four-tipped pen creates natural-looking eyebrow strokes and saves you time going over them. Giving you the perfect volume and length you want.

Quick results - With some simple strokes your eyebrows will look fully defined. Anyone can use it and see results almost instantly.