Glamour Lips Premium Matte Lipstick Set

Get Better Lips Using Glamour Lips - The Lipstick That Keeps You Looking Glamourous

Looking for the perfect lipstick to compliment you? You've come to the right place... With Glamour Lips we make your lips look flawless and absolutely fabulous all day every day.

Super long lasting and easy to remove at the end of the day. Doesn't fade during the day and easy to remove with just your normal lip cleansing oil.

Super light and made with no harmful chemicals. Which means they don't irritate your lips and still give you that sexy experience.

Non-stick and waterproof so you never have to worry about your lips sticking together or any smudges. Giving you that nice smooth finish and smudge-free lips.

We can't tell you just how amazing the product is because the results speak for itself. With the Glamour Lips we give you easy to apply, reliable, and best of all...Lips that are absolutely gorgeous.


Easy to Transport-Super light to pack and easy to store in any standard make-up bag. Which makes it a breeze when you're traveling, constantly on the go or always switching make-up bags every so often.

Light & Non-Stick - Super lightweight and doesn't stick to your lips. Giving your lips a more creamy and natural finish without them sticking together.

Various Colors- Giving you various options to choose from without being restricted to just one. Giving you the chance to experiment and choose which one best suits you without breaking the bank.

Long Lasting- Doesn't run, smudge and stays on all day long. Waterproof lining to ensure that your lipstick color doesn't fade or lose its shade throughout the day.

Estimated delivery time is 7 - 12 business days.'

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